Four Are Better Than One

Performance by Cie. Agar Agar (Annette Sonnewend, Michael Strasser
guest performer: Nina Berclaz (dancer) and Didi Resch (performer)
Baylors&Diamond, Copland Industrial Park (CIP), London, 2011
A dance studio situation (incl. warm up, training, rehearsal, motion studies, …)


A confrontation between two iconic figures and strongly pursued ideas of twentieth century dance history in a rehearsal situation. Pina Bausch’s dance theater (Tanztheater), which is marked by her unique style, a blend of movements, sounds and prominent
stage sets meets Rudolf Nureyev’s artistic skills and iconic interpretations of the classical ballet repertoire. Instructed and supported by two guest performers the disparate couple carries out an attempt to create a pas de deux. The obvious incompetence of the main characters alludes to common notions of evaluation, appraisal and standards of quality. This attempt to dance depicts our repressed desires to dance, to sing, to be like our heroes and feed our nostalgic memories of an impartial childhood when dreams were more embodied. Driven from prevalent codes, styles and behavioural patterns of the contemporary dance community, the performed actions focus more and more on this alleged failure and on the possibilities and chances concealed within.
Let’s dance!