Annette Sonnewend

Annette Sonnwend born in Innsbruck, Austria. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
The artist studied Setdesign for Theatre and Film and Photography, University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Komparatistik, Russian and French language, University Innsbruck and Vienna

The artist works with various media such as video, drawing, installation and performance.
Annette Sonnwend‘s work seize reality in its entropic crease between perception and construction. Playing with found footage material is an immanent strategy of her art pieces. She uses techniques like mixing, seriality, and re-representation. Borrowing heavily from already existing artworks, photographies, novels and theoretical writing the art of Annette Sonnewend revolves around the small spine of modern real and fictional models and their failures. Her works deals personal and societal issues.
She shows her work in solo and group exhibitions and performance festivals worldwide.

Grants and Prizes (amongst others):
2016 International cultural exchange, bm:ukk (Federal Chancellery of Austria), New York 2014 International cultural exchange, Berliner Senates, Chicago, USA
2011 Artiste in residence – London, bm:ukk (Federal Chancellery of Austria)
2009 National Grant for Artistic Photography, bm:ukk
2008 Artiste in residence for Fine Arts – Chicago, USA bm:ukk
2006 Artiste in residence – Paris, bm:ukk
2004 AIR program of the Province of Tyrol, Paliano, Italy
2002/2003 AIR program, Pépinières européenne pour jeunes artistes, Lyon, France 2004 Award for contemporary Art of the Province of Tyrol, Austria

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