Wolkenstudie II nach G. Richter

The Lover proudly presents: A collection!

“A re-visitation”, a reunion with masterpieces from European art, film and literary history.
Scotty Enterprises, Berlin, 2013


Artist Annette Sonnewend is showing a selection of re-constructions in a wide range of different media – from drawing, photography, objects and sound installations to video; she constructs a sequence of experiments in which possible, authentic events are combined with the fictive to create a web of clues that function in an indeterminate sphere. The exhibition, her re-constructions emphasise aspects of the unpredictable and astonishing. Every source – whether painting, drawing, notation or report – is a call for interpretation, re-construction and therefore for appropriation. Here, (art) history serves as an archive from which subjective values are selected and re-interpreted. This aesthetic re-combination creates a dynamic relationship between person, material, place, past, current time and future, and opens up spaces of re-conception and re-telling in its contingency.
Her approaches to a repetition of past events always work from a perspective meaning that our perception also encompasses empty or missing spaces and breaks. This is because only a relic (the original artwork) is selected as a pattern/starting point for the re-enactment, the re-construction; there is no further concern for the actual situation in the past (social situation, social environment, idea…). The reconstructing viewpoint does not illuminate the truth, therefore; the revival is a sphere of possibility in which contexts are never given but merely imagined.

Image: In the field of love the worst wounds blossom more from what one sees than
from what one knows.
(Roland Barthes, Fragments of a Language of Love)